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Zippy Financial Group is owned and managed by Louisa Sanghera, with passion and absolute dedication to her clients. She has curated a hand-picked team of highly experienced brokers to support her as loan processors, who share her vision to provide exceptional service and look after Zippy clients for life. 

Louisa is a well-known and well-loved businesswoman around Sydney - affectionately known as the "Mum's Champion", and is recognised by everyone who knowns her as a hardworking, dedicated and visionary leader. Her work with Zippy and being an active supporter of the wider business community, earner her the title of 'Outstanding Business Person of the Year' at the 2017 Local Business Awards. 

Louisa created Zippy Financial after a 25 year career in banking. Through experience, she noticed the broking industry was generally lacking in empathy and genuine client-focused care. She decided to use her expert knowledge and extensive management training to start her own business and the Zippy Financial Group was born. Being a working mum herself, Louisa had an ambition to create a practice of working mums, supporting them with a career that fit around their family lifestyle. 

Understanding that most women, many of whom are busy mums and often working mums, or 'mumprenerus', run the family finances, Louisa has established a strong affinity with these amazing women, who trust Louisa to guide them with their finances and investment strategies. Both Louisa and her team understand their clients very well and have total empathy with them. 



"Hi there, thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Zippy Financial.

The culture at Zippy is one of dedication to achieving the very best outcome for our valued clients and commitment to delivering great service - on time, everytime!

We sincerely believe in unwaveringly doing the right thing for our clients. It's imperative to me, that Zippy delivers a fast, honest and reliable service with infinite care and attention. 

Working above and beyond for our clients is the absolute minimum we expect from ourselves. I established these values in the business from the start and I continually ensure that all members of my team live by these valued every single day. 

We devote quality time, diligence and thoughtfulness to each and every customer - always acting in their best interests, never our own. 

The integrity of my company and its people is paramount. 

It is incredibly important to me to have a happy and fulfilled team and as an employer of 4 staff, I have taken great care to create a family-style culture. Flexibility is very important for a team of working mums and I support all of my staff in their quest for a work-life balance that works for each of them. 

I have operated in the world of finance all of my working life, and since I have a passion for property, it felt like a good idea to use my experience to facilitate my client's property dreams - whether purchasing their family home or building a significatn investmet portfolio. 

I want to see you build your wealth through smart investment in property and through my trusted network of professionals, I can help facilitate the whole process for you, continually providing the vest best service possible on an ongoing basis. 

When you become a Zippy client, you become a part of our 'financial family' and it's our mission to support your family through every stage of your property and financial development. 

For us, it's never just about getting you a great deal on your mortgage, then leaving you to it. We continually monitor your situation against the current market and will contact you immediately if we feel we can save you money, or restructure your finances to suit your changing needs. 

so when we say 'we're with you for life' we really mean it."

Louisa Sanghera: Director and Principal Broker



Earning the trust of our clients led to many requests for more financial services from us. 

To this end, we have established partnerships with a carefully selected group of professional companies that share our values for oustanding service and client care. 

We are now able to refer our clients with absolute confidence to exceptional experts in accountancy, property law, financial/wealth planning and property investment. 

We have also recently introduced a highly experienced associate Insurance broker, to create Zippy Insurance. 

Our clients are busy people, and when we organise mortgages for them, they are delighted that we can also handle their home and contents insurance. This also enables us to offer motor insurance to complement our vehicle financing, and business insurance to support our commercial lending and asset financing services. 


Contact us now, and join our list of satisfied customers.





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Zippy Finance 

PO Box 3078
North Turramurra
NSW 2074

T 1300 855 022 

Louisa Sanghera is a credit representative (437236) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760.  Australian Credit Licence 391237. ABN 85 168 278 975.

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